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08 June 2011: The Confectionery Market in India
Confectionery retail value sales in India rose by 7% in 2010. Stronger economic growth boosted consumer confidence and led to increased disposable incomes. This benefited the performance of key indulgence categories like chocolate confectionery which commands higher unit prices. 

06 May 2011: Confectionary in the United Arab Emirates
Confectionery retail value sales in the United Arab Emirates rose by 11% in 2010 to total US$268 million. While economic recovery, fuelled by stronger exports, is having a positive impact on demand, increasing health concerns are hampering the growth of categories targeting children.

03 May 2011: Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Impacts Fresh Food Market
Euromonitor International considers how the radioactive contamination disaster in Japan is affecting the country's fresh food market, and gauges its ripple effect on a global scale.

17 March 2011: Olive Oil Retail Performance in Middle East and Africa
Demand for olive oil in the Middle East and Africa in 2010 was driven by gradual economic growth, increasing awareness of its health benefits and greater availability. However, its relatively high price means that packaged olive oil is only affordable to middle- and upper-income consumers.

03 February 2011: Wheat futures brave political storm in the Middle East

The political instability in the Middle East is sparking fears among traders of a surge in demand for wheat from unstable governments in the region. Wheat futures prices, however, have remained reasonably stable, but political instability could encourage traders to increase inter-commodity hedging in order to reduce risk levels.


November 2010: Ice Cream in the United Arab Emirates
headlines include 3% volume and 8% current value growth from 2009 to reach 10 million litres and AED219 million in 2010. Multinationals push for greater retail visibility, whilst bulk ice cream sees strongest current value growth of 9%.
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