Beat Stettler

Head of Quality Management Nestlé Middle East FZE

Beat Stettler is the Head of Quality Management Nestlé Middle East FZE the local presence of ‎Nestlé - world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company - in the Middle East. Nestlé’s ‎activities in the Middle East started in 1946 and are covering today the 13 countries of the peninsula ‎with a turnover of around USD 100 Millions.‎

Having an Operational experience of 20 years in Quality Assurance and -Management, Beat started ‎his career in Food Chemistry, with a specialization in Food Analytics. Later he covered the position ‎of Corporate Quality and R&D Manager for Unilever in Switzerland, before building his own ‎business in Quality Management- and Regulatory Affairs consultancy in Switzerland. Joining Nestlé ‎in their headquarters in Vevey in 2007, Beat started his international career, which brought him all ‎across the Asia-Oceania-Africa Zone, before resuming his responsibilities in the Middle East in 2009.‎

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