Darren Hiltz

Conservation Officer, EWS - WWF

Darren is leading the Sustainable Fisheries Project at EWS-WWF after joining the organisation as a Conservation Officer in April 2011.

Bringing 14 years of experience in fisheries and environmental management, Darren is assisting in the management of the Sustainable Fisheries Project and the consumer awareness campaign Choose Wisely. Through valuable socio-economic research, the Sustainable Fisheries Project will help effective decision-making and successful resource management. Supported by awareness activities through its Choose Wisely campaign, the project also looks to engage both the public and the commercial sector in taking action to protect the UAE’s fisheries by using science-based information. Darren engages with the hotel, retail and corporate sectors to enable the promotion of sustainable fish options and create a market for environmentally sustainable fish and seafood products.

Darren accrued his extensive experience in fisheries from working for eight years for the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and six years with a leading NGO in Canada. During this time he has gained a firm foundation in leading and implementing conservation activities, and promoting stewardship and partnership activities that contribute to the effective management of natural resources and aquatic ecosystems.

Darren has a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from Saint Mary’s University and loves spending his free time working with youth and the rest of the community to raise awareness on protecting local natural resources.

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