Former Director, Food and Nutrition Division
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)‎
Rome, Italy

‎-‎ ‎1999- present - Adjunct Associate Professor in the Nutrition Department,‎
College of Health and Human Development, Pennsylvania State
University, USA.‎

‎-‎ ‎1998-present - Adjunct Professor of Food Science at the University of ‎ Massachusetts, USA.‎

‎ - 2007-present – Guest Professor, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

Food and Nutrition Division,‎
Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. (FAO)‎

‎-‎ ‎1990-November 1999 - Director of the FAO Food and Nutrition Division.‎

‎-‎ ‎1986-1990 - Chief, Food Quality and Standards Service within the FAO Food and ‎Nutrition Division, and Secretary, FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission

‎-‎ ‎1970-1980 - FAO Nutrition Officer (1970-71) and Senior Nutrition Officer (1973-‎‎80) in Rome and as an FAO Project Manager in Zambia (1971-73)‎

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)‎

‎-‎ ‎1980-1986 - Director, International Affairs Staff, U.S. Food and Drug ‎ Administration, Washington, DC

‎-‎ ‎1960-1970 - FDA investigator in San Francisco, California (1960-64); ‎ Brownsville, Texas (1964-65); and as an FDA Compliance Officer in ‎ Washington, DC (1966-70) ‎

Dr. Lupien carried out his undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of ‎Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass., USA, and holds a doctoral degree From Mahidol ‎University, Bangkok, Thailand and a Masters degree in Public Health from the ‎University of Las Palmas, Spain. He has worked in nutrition, food quality and food ‎safety since 1960. ‎

In his FDA and FAO work Dr. Lupien was involved in extensive food and nutrition-‎related policy formulation work. He also carried out in-depth nutrition, food quality ‎and food safety surveys and prepared and implemented nutrition-related projects in ‎about 50 countries. As Director of the FAO Food and Nutrition Division he supervised ‎‎70 professionals and support staff, oversaw the technical organization of the December ‎‎1992 Rome Joint FAO/WHO International Conference on Nutrition, and coordinated ‎FAO's overall nutrition programme. He has extensive experience in national and ‎international food standards setting and implementation work, and has written and ‎spoken extensively on these topics.

‎ Dr. Lupien chaired the Scientific Advisory Committee of the European Food ‎Information Council from 2000-2008, represents the International Union of Food ‎Science and Technology in international meetings on food and agriculture, and has ‎served on the Monash University, Melbourne, Australia advisory board on food quality, ‎safety and nutrition.‎

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