Werner Nader 

Werner Nader is the managing director of Eurofins Global Control GmbH in Hamburg, a ‎company of the multinational Eurofins group. Global Control is focusing on international pre-‎shipment and supply chain control of food including rice, fresh and dried produce, coffee, ‎nuts, seafood and more. Werner is a biologist and 59 years old. After his Ph.D. thesis in 1980 ‎he spent several years in the USA at MIT and Texas A&M University as a research fellow. ‎Back in Germany in 1985 he joined the biotech industry as the head of research and ‎development of a pharmaceutical company. In 1995 he moved to Costa Rica as an expert of ‎the German technical cooperation and engaged in natural conservation. Back in Germany he ‎started with food analysis at Genescan, pioneer in the analysis of genetically modified ‎organisms, and joined Eurofins in 2002. Two years ago he founded the Eurofins daughter ‎company Global Control with major analytical, inspection and auditing activities in China, ‎India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Ecuador and Costa Rica. ‎

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