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Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development


The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID) is established in 1976 as the only Pan-Arab financial institution with a paid-up capital of 729 million USD, and an independent legal entity to reinforce food security through mega agriculture and agro-industrial investments and development programs in favor small farmers in its 21 member countries.

As a joint Arab institution with a total cultivated areas of 297 thousand hectares and industrial lands around 8 million square meters, and more than 42 years of experience in the field of investment and agricultural development, AAAID’s implemented programs for small-scale farmers and producers in a number of Arab countries has achieved significant and notable results, in which the total funding is around 39.5 million USD, and the number of beneficiaries reached up to 333,310 thousand, while 3,540 thousand female farmers benefited from AAAID’s funding program for the rural woman.

AAAID currently contributes to the capital of 53 existing and under-establishment companies and projects in 12 Arab member countries, in which Sudan hosts 64% of AAAID’s total investments, followed by Egypt 6%, UAE 5.5%, Oman 5.5%, Iraq 4%, KSA 3% and 12% in the remaining member states as per investment opportunities and relative advantages available to the region.

As a result of AAAID’s affiliate companies’ intensive engagement in various food productions and processing such as dairy, meat, grains, sugar and oils, several sustainable models were created and implemented by AAAID with an aim of endorsing socio-economic development, increasing crop productivity and production, as well as contributing to environmental conservation; in which AAAID and its companies played a major part in producing biofuel and recycling agricultural waste. Additionally, AAAID also contributes to capacity building and skills improvement of Arab workforce by organizing training and programs for graduates of agricultural universities and small farmers.

AAAID’s objective of enhancing food security in the Arab world was achieved as its programs have helped reduce migration of young people from the countryside to the cities by ensuring optimal utilization of natural agricultural resources. During 2020, AAAID has organized a number of 18 development activities and programs, and supported around 3,500 female farmers across its member states by financing their agricultural projects through the various implemented programs.