Chef Pasqualini Barbasso

Pasqualino Barbasso is a man with a mission, to make high quality Italian pizza and to do it in the most entertaining way. This 36 year-old pizzaiolo is among the most skillful masters of acrobatic pizza-making and is one of the most famous. In the last 10 years Pasqualino has travelled around the world offering his stunning performances to enhance the quality and the good taste of Italian pizza made according to true Italian traditions.

Pasqualino began his career in his family’s Pizzeria, Il Falco Azzuro, in Cammarata, in the Sicilian province of Agrigento, where he still works when he’s not travelling. He underwent formal pizza-making training only at a later stage, because, as he puts it, “the profession of high quality Italian pizza-making is something that one cannot learn only in an empirical way.”

After winning for 2 times the Acrobatioc Pizza World Championship and several times the Italian Championship he started to travel the world with his stunning performances He also established the Guiness world Record for the largest pizza spun in 2 minutes.

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