Under the Patronage of H.H Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority

The Mercurys 2017 Winners



Perth Inflight Catering - Seasons of Western Australian Seafood

Seasons of Western Australia

A series of four Amuse Bouche, using entirely Western Australian seafood and produce, presented at the height of their seasonal freshness. The dishes are created to give passengers the last reminder of the great food and wonderful times they had while visiting Western Australia.


WINNER - Perth Inflight Catering – “Seasons of Western Australian Seafood”

Everything about this menu and it’s constituent parts were fully thought through paying full attention to sourcing locally, healthy provenance and interesting twists and re-inventions of traditional recipes.  The redesigned Fish & Chips with the stuffed potato and pee puree, the compressed watermelon salad with the scallop were very innovative. Flavours were full and presentation flawless. We were also impressed by the costing mechanism allowing for a constant price to be maintained over the 4 rotations.   

FINALIST – Thai Airways - Sum-Rub menu for First Class

A beautifully presented range of Thai dishes built around this very traditional concept. Every aspect of the tradition is addressed and the quality of the product was outstanding. Well thought out with a challenging equipment exchange to consider. The Lamb curry was particularly delicious and the presentation of the cold food items was very attractive.


Cloud Dine Meals - En Route International 

En Route International Cloud Dine Meals

Cloud Dine offers passengers ten tasty retail-inspired frozen dishes. Branded with ingredients list and food traffic light system. Options include Piri Piri Chicken, Mushroom Cappelletti, and Mini Waffles. Cloud Dine is able to be cooked from frozen, meaning airlines are able to reduce wastage of products that are not used.


WINNER – En Route International for Cloud Dine Meals

A very well thought through solution to the pre-order concept for crew and adaptable for passenger use.  The range of meals is comprehensive and the quality of the actual delivered product outstanding. The ordering and logistics system is carefully planned and has the potential for growth throughout the industry.   

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Marfo BV for Bon Appetito Concept

Clever use of specially designed trays for loading to the maximum ergonomic ability for economy meals. Also providing all the food items for the trays including hot and cold meals. Clever concept.


Mumbai Vegetable Street Food Pastries - STR-EATS Food Ltd

         Mumbai Vegetable STR Eats

Street food pastries are pastry parcels filled with street food flavours, available in 2 pack and 3 pack film or box
solutions with branding associated with the travel destinations. First pastry range to offer authentic street food recipes in pastry. Unique Shape - looks like a mini samosa, first mini size to be made with boiled crust pastry, even thou product is machine made the moulds were knocked around to give an authentic handmade feel to the product. 


WINNER – STR-EATS Food Ltd for Mumbai Street Food Pastries

Packed three to a box this is street-food in a handy and delicious boiled pastry shell created specifically for the airline market. A range of recipes based on street food experiences from around the world the flavours and textures are authentic and tasty. A proportion of profits also go to charities supporting street children in various parts of the world.

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Joe & Seph's for double salted caramel popcorn box pack

Not only a well packaged and easy-to-distribute product but delicious with a real artisan preparation story resulting in a very high-quality product.


Taco Slider - The Bake Factory

Taco Slider The Bake Factory

The Bake Factory's Taco Slider box contains two Mexican style tacos with slow-cooked fillings, packed with flavour. The first is Sloppy José - beef mince with a blend of Mexican spices & Willies Cacao chocolate to add a sweet and spiced tone. The second is Chicken, Tequila and Jalapeño Taco topped with pink pickled onions.


WINNER – The Bake Factory for the Taco Sliders

A really great tasting and well-designed product ideal for the buy-on-board or economy light meal service. Specially made soft taco shells for easy production and consumption. Heat from frozen. Great for 2 people to share.  

FINALIST – Tawa Bakery for Gluten Free Bread Collection

Access and availability of good quality Gluten Free product in the Middle East is very difficult. This range of products has an enormous amount of research put into achieving an excellent and authentic range of bakery products. 

FINALIST - Al Rabia Al Diam Food & Beverages Trading LLC for Yum Yum Instant Noodles

Pot Noodles have a reputation for being cheap in quality and experience. These noodles are excellent and when the re-constituted result in a tasty and very hearty light meal. Good as a buy-on-Board option, or for missed meal fillers or crew on-the-go meals.


UTZ Certified Chocolates and Desserts Collection - Lily O'Briens

Lily O'Briens

Lily O’Brien’s new UTZ certified desserts meet the same high standards of our current award winning desserts, made with quality Belgian chocolate and locally sourced ingredients where possible. Our Paper pots are 100% recyclable, whilst our lids carry a ‘green dot’ symbolizing the supplier’s environmental responsibility and contribution to recycling. The first retail brand to introduce a dessert of this type to the industry working with a program who aim to empower farmers and make their business viable in the long run.


WINNER – Lilly O’Briens for UTZ Certified Chocolates and Desserts Collection

The panel was extremely impressed with the focus to environmental issues addressing Rainforest Alliance requilrements. In both product and packaging Lilly O’Briens have taken fully on board Mercury Judges comments from previous submissions and built them into these products – all of which have the renowned taste and quality we now expect from this producer.

FINALIST – En Route International for Trois Delices

Well executed and packaged and delicious range of desserts with accent on naturally produced ingredients.

FINALIST – Tawa Bakery for Gluten Free Caramel Eclairs

A truly delicious and very high quality product totally gluten free. Ideal for the premium cabins or lounge service. Could easily serve as a standard product rather than Special Meal item as it is as good as regular Choux pastry.


Gingen Ginger Tea - Al Rabia Al Diam Food & Beverages Trading LLC

Gingen Ginger Tea

The Gingen Ginger Tea instant ginger product produces with advance production technology to meet international standards and qualification. The fresh ginger will be powdered through standardised production process to produce such a premium ginger and honey.


WINNER – Al Rabia Al Diam Food & Beverages Trading LLC for Gingen Ginger Tea

There are many powdered ginger teas in the market. Most taste like reconstituted tea. This product however was a world apart and once made with hot water was almost indistinguishable from fresh ginger tea made from the root. All natural, additive free and no sugar. An excellent airline product.

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Radnor Hills for Fruella fruit juice cartons

A first class tasting product made exclusively for the airline on-board market with specially developed 200ml cartons. Lightly pasteurized to maintain best quality and completely additive and no added sugar. 

FINALIST – Vologodosky Ivan Tea

The product is set on reviving the age-old tradition of Russian willow herb tea brewing, and on restoring it to its former glory. A totally natural and great tasting and healthy product.


Buy-on-Board Revenue Protection - ITW Envopack

                ITW Envopack

Developed in conjunction with a leading airline, the Tenor/Trio system is a simple integrated product which balances tamper-evidence with barrier protection, meaning airlines can remain customs-compliant while also protecting their buy-on-board revenues. The Tenor/Trio is part of a range of security seals that ITW Envopak manufacture for 70+ airlines worldwide.


WINNER – ITW Envopak for BoB Revenue Protection Seal System

In a world of glamour and food and drink, little thought is given to things as matter-of-fact as the seals on the trolleys. This invention however changes everything. A well thought out and very carefully designed and crafted solution to the growing plastic mountain of waste seals. It saves the airlines money, it is more secure than existing solutions and easy to manage. 

FINALIST – Zodiac Aerospace for the cool trolley

An excellent product designed with weight and efficiency in mind. With little changing in the basic aircraft galley since the 1950’s it is good to see innovation that can save resource and money for airlines in this challenging sector. Holding low temperatures for return or overnight stop flights, this trolley meets a demand for lowering cost.

FINALIST – RMT Global Partners for the Inflight Tidy Kit

A clever and convenient all-in-one cabin maintenance kit for crew. Designed as a go-to solution for in-flight clean-ups and replenishable by caterers or cleaning services. 


Alessi for Delta - by Buzz - Buzz Products

Alessi by Buzz

The Alessi for Delta serviceware launched onboard in April 2017 across Delta One and First Class cabins. The bespoke program delivers a modern, stylish, functional and elegant range. The full collection consists of 86 unique serviceware pieces, and is based on popular items inspired by six renowned designers for Alessi.  


WINNER – Buzz Products for its Alessi development for Delta First

Everything about the design and execution of these items was exquisite with attention to practicality, weight and the passenger experience. The designs by Alessi are clean and sharp without being impractical. The build quality and attention to detail is flawless.

FINALIST – Kaelis for disposable cotton linen products

A solution to a big issue for many airlines. Cutting down on the laundry bills and the logistics that go with it. The question is, can disposable cotton ever be environmentally acceptable?  With this product potentially yes. The finish is first class. The cost low and the disposability is acceptable as a fully bio-degradable and non toxic product. Already flying with cost benefits. 

FINALIST – Heathergrey Collective for Etihad FC Pillow covers

A beautifully crafted and innovatively designed product for the pillow cover in Premium cabins. Made from a fabric totally man-made but designed to look and feel like raw Thai Silk. The colours and designs matching with the cabin interiors and Etihad premium concepts. A lot of thought and research into this great robust product.